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Sarah Sewell reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 7th January 2018     

Friday morning something happened in my back whilst doing a mundane morning chore. I felt pain and stiffness. It got worse over the course of the day. I couldn't move my head forward, back or to either side without excruciating pain. By the evening my back and neck had seized. I couldn't sleep, or move without help throughout Saturday. Faced with the prospect of another day of agony and immobility, and not being able to work Monday I needed treatment asap. Tracy left straight away and got to mine within 25 minutes. She worked on me for 2 hours loosening up the surrounding muscles in order to treat my rhomboids (right side) and other affected muscles, until I was able to move and the pain eased considerably. Thank you, Tracy, for responding so quickly and using your knowledge and skill to help me. I was able to take the dog for a walk, resume mum duty and I now feel I will be able to work tomorrow!! You have also educated me on the accumulative effect of lifestyle on my body, the ongoing treatment I need to repair and how to reduce the vulnerability in my back. I highly recommend Tracy for her knowledge, skill, experience, professionalism and fast response! 

Ginny Mills reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 18th December 2017 

Tracy has helped me recover from High Hamstring Tendinopathy with regular massage and specific rehabilitation exercises. This is a lady who has an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, in her own personality & also in the treating of her clients. I always felt that I could ask, email, text or doodle at any time regarding my condition and was met with a fast and comprehensive response. Tracy's background of top level sport and the mind-set that goes with that definitely gave me the confidence to have her as my Sports therapist.

Julie Gosling reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 15th December 2017 

I have been seeing Tracy for a couple of months now. I would definitely recommend Tracy; she is very knowledgeable, friendly and keeps me running! I see her a couple of times a month to keep me ticking over; she always finds the bits you didn't even know were hurting. She helped me achieve the Dorset Road Race League Fidelity Award 2017 by getting me fixed for the Purbeck 10k following an episode of very bad cramp whilst swimming! Thank you, Tracy

Matt Sewell reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 14th December 2017

I have had sessions with Tracy when she was going through her training and more recently as a fully qualified Sport Masseuse therapist. Her confidence has grown immeasurably in such a short time. I like that fact that Tracy will share exactly what she is doing at the time so you get a better understanding during the session. She has now sorted out a long-term back issue and most recently a shoulder problem. I’ll not lie, it doesn’t tickle but she does get to the root of the problem. Keep up the good work Tracy x

Deirdre Jefferies reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 11th December 2017

Highly recommend Tracy. She is Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and skilled and will work hard to get to the root causes of any issues to alleviate pain and improve well-being. Has helped me so much with shoulder and back issues, so pleased I found her!

Lou Pope reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 17th August 2017

I cannot recommend Tracy enough. She sorts aches and pains all over the body and targets the areas you ask her to. Keeps me moving and able to get off my bike as well as get on it. I feel like a new person afterwards. Tracy is very good at releasing tension that causes headaches as well as the limbs. Try it. You won't be disappointed!

Paul Ramsay reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy –  11th August 2017

I can't recommend Tracy highly enough, she knows EVERYTHING relating to muscles, joints, tendons and fitness. Helped me overcome an injury very quickly and now keeps my legs in tip-top shape! Why not get the best fitness advice and care from someone who's been there, done it and seen it all?!

​Nick Lindsay reviewed Tracy Cook Sports Therapy – 7th August 2017 

If you've come across Tracy via triathlon you will know she is a dedicated, world class athlete. She has now applied this same level of professionalism to soft tissue therapy. As a result, you will benefit not only from very effective treatment, but an understanding of the causes and changes needed to help reduce the risk of re-occurrence. I have gained a clearer understanding of how my body functions, how to use this knowledge to train more efficiently and how to use nutrient appropriately. You will not regret seeking help from Tracy.

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