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Swimming Coaching Video Gallery
The swim courses I provide use a range of swim methodologies to help bring about the best outcome for the individual and group that I have in front of me.

Those of you who have been on several of my courses will see that no session is repeated.

My vast experiences gained from both competing and coaching enable me to break down all skills into their simplest form to enable techniques to be learnt more easily increasing confidence & continued learning, override poor habits with new efficient ones (positive muscle memory) both of which promote self-confidence and success!
Scull 1 - developing a feel for the water (hand purchase) and arm position (in line with shoulder) for initial start of the CATCH phase.
Scull 2 Drill - developing the CATCH
Scull 3 Drill - developing the final propulsive phase (push to hip) before arm exiting
Focus on removing the 'dead spot' at the front end of stroke caused by 'over gliding'.
Single Arm Drill encourages rolling of the body. A good roll can be seen here as the shoulders/hips roll/change position rotating towards the surface (shoulder upwards) as the hand extends 'over the barrel' into the CATCH whilst the other arm is recovering over the water, after which the same shoulder/hip rotates downwards whilst the recovering arm enters and extends 'over the barrel' into the CATCH: REPEAT all whilst the head remains in neutral throughout, unless breathing.
Notice the 'push to hip' & rolling of the body to increase DPS (distance per stroke)
Fist Drill to emphasis the importance of using the forearms as well as the hand to aid propulsion. The forearm and hand work as one and plays an essential part in the CATCH.
Emphasis on pushing through to hip before arm exit
Push & Glide into Scull 1.
Stroke set up is 
essential in reducing drag and increasing forward momentum: A taut long body.
See how far you can travel before commencing your stroke (stroke efficiency). Aim to get to the flags (5m)
Supine Rolling Drill - develop shoulder and hip rotation. Often easier to learn on your back as easier to breathe. 
Notice head position remains neutral throughout; body rolls around the vertical axis. 
6-1-6 Drill - develops body alignment, rotation & CATCH set-up. Head position remains in neutral (eyes looking at blue line) unless breathing
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