Triathlon for Kids Dorset

  • Provide triathlon and other sports coaching to Primary and Secondary Schools in Dorset.

  • Highly qualified and experienced over 20 years in teaching and coaching alongside having competed on the world stage in ITU Triathlon and IRONMAN achieving medals at all distances including GOLD.

  • Triathlon offers something for everyone and there is no discrimination regarding ability, age, gender; it is a self achieving sport offering long life participation.

  • Having already witnessed first hand how youngsters are engaging in triathlon and the buzz and excitement it is creating. It is a wonderful sight to see amongst young people, particularly since the pandemic & its impact on youngsters physical and mental development.

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My Story.....




Tracy’s philosophy is to enable and support people to achieve their training, nutrition, wellbeing and performance goals, promoting self-discovery, self-learning and personal growth in ways that are fun, helping them to develop and improve their technique, build self-confidence and plan winning strategies, thereby empowering them to have more control over their training and preparation for competitive events.

Having worked in secondary education for over 18 years as department Head of Sport in the private sector, Tracy, has a unique advantage of bringing all her knowledge and experience she has gained from her teaching and coaching across a range of sports and competition to coaching at TTH (Tri Training Harder). 

Tracy was introduced to triathlon in 2007 by a colleague who had competed at elite levels in the 80’s when triathlon was only just starting to reach the UK. It was through her own personal enjoyment and success that in the latter years of her teaching career, by then had in-depth knowledge and experience of the sport that she set up a school triathlon club and liaised  with an outside club (Synergie Coaching) to help bridge the gap between school and the local community. Though able to coach all aspects of triathlon in a school setting Tracy become a BTF coach in 2015, where she branched out into her local community offering coaching to her local triathlon club after leaving teaching to explore coaching, soft tissue therapy and nutrition. Tracy qualified as a soft tissue therapist (level 5) in 2017 and runs her own business from home. This is very much a total contrast to the busy life of teaching. Tracy is really enjoying this change as she is now able to give more time to what she is truly passionate about… helping others to reach their true potential!

Tracy has worked with many young athletes from her massage couch by using her knowledge and understanding gained about how the body physically and mentally responds to stress/load in order to help them gain a better understanding of the effects of training on the soft tissues, increase self awareness of how the body feels and ultimately to give them the information they need to be able to make better choices when planning their training in order to reduce the risk of injury and over-reaching with their training. 

Tracy’s philosophy is to enable and support young people to achieve their training, nutrition, wellbeing and performance goals in ways that promote self-discovery, self-learning and personal growth in ways that are fun, and to help them to develop and improve their technique, confidence and winning strategies incrementally, empowering them to take control of their training and competitive events.

Summary of sports career:

•    Tracy came to competitive sports rather later than most people. She played first team and county level sports in my early years and, as a young adult, & was seriously into her training, but purely for personal enjoyment rather than achievement. It was when I became Head of Physical Education & Sports that she became truly immersed in advanced training and competition.

•    During this time, she also coached and co-managed young athletes as part of a Sports Development programme; helping them to understand the demands of their sports and what is required to enable them to compete at all levels from junior to elite. This work covered all aspects of competition, including training, nutrition, competition, and recovery.

•    As an athlete her initial focus was on cycling and running. Over time, this morphed into Triathlon, which marked my entry into more serious competition. Tracy became a successful local athlete, and in time secured sponsorship (Tri UK; Primera; Cadence Tri) and was proud to be selected as a GB athlete.

•    As a GB athlete, amongst other successes (please see tabulated further below), Tracy medalled multiple times in all Triathlon and Ironman distances, achieving Gold at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships (Florida, 2010), Silver and Gold in the ITU Triathlon Long Course distance (Nevada, 2011, Spain, 2012), and Silver at the Ironman World Championships (Kona, 2013).   

•    A year or so later, Tracy left teaching to pursue a new career working with athletes at different levels, qualifying both as a Triathlon Coach, and as a Sports & Soft Tissue Therapist developing the necessary skills to help treat all types of soft tissue injuries, whether  as a direct result of sporting activity, or general wear and tear through recreational or occupational activities. 

•    More recently, and as an athlete Tracy has been focussing on endurance training, particularly in competitive running beyond marathon distance. Though still early days I am encouraged by my early successes to date (please see tabulated further below). At a professional level, she has been working and collaborating in a number of development areas, as follows:

Soft tissue therapy for Team GB at World Championship Tri events

deliver tri coaching in school 

  • Studying and coaching with Tri Training Harder

  • Delivering coaching sessions to the North Dorset Tri Club

  • Coaching swimming and triathlon

  • Coaching running (RUN SMARTER)

  • Coaching at Blandford Netball Club

  • During corona virus lockdown, zoom based Multi-fit and specific land based training 

  • Muscle activation work

  • Stabilisation / proprioception / balance work /agility

Main Triathlon Achievements

Year    Event Type    Event                            Result    Venue
2013    Ironman    Ironman World Champs    Silver    Kona, Hawaii
2013    Ironman    Ironman UK                       Silver    Bolton, England
2012    Ironman    Ironman Wales                  Gold    Tenby, Wales
2012    Triathlon    ITU Long Course              Gold    Vitoria Gasteiz
2011    Triathlon    ITU Long Course              Silver    Las Vegas
2010    Ironman 70.3 World Champs             Gold    Clear Water, Florida
2010    Ironman 70.3 UK                                Gold    Wimbleball, England
2010    Triathlon ITU Olympic Distance          Bronze    Budapest

*Note: during my Triathlon career, I competed in 74 events, racing over Sprint, Olympic, Middle, Long Course and Ironman distances medalling as 1st lady in 56 of these events. 


Marathon & Ultra
Year    Event Type    Event                       Results               Location
2021   Ultra 50K     Race across Dorset   1st Overall         Blandford-Swanage
2020   Marathon    Race to the Sea          3rd lady             Ringwood -Hengisbury Head  
2019    Marathon    Ooser Marathon         1st Lady/2nd Overall    Ooser, Dorset
2019    Marathon    Hellstone Marathon    1st Lady/2nd Overall    Hellstone, Dorset
2019    Ultra    WSR Jurassic 50K             1st Lady/2nd Overall    Jurassic Coast, Dorset
2019    Marathon    Purbeck Marathon      1st Lady/1st Overall     Purbecks, England
2019    Ultra    Salisbury 50Km                  1st Lady/8th Overall    Wiltshire, England
2019    Ultra    Wessex Ridgeway Team    1st Ladies Team          Dorset to Cornwall
2018    Marathon    Snowdonia Marathon  1st Lady in AG/3rd Lady Overall Snowdonia, Wales



A small selection of race photos below.....


File_003 (1).jpeg
Kona beach start.jpg


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