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About me...

Tracy Cook

My Background 

I studied at Brighton University and hold a BA in Sports Science and Teaching. I subsequently went on to run a Physical Education and Sports department for 15 years during which I gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience across most sports. My particular passions were athletics, swimming, netball, hockey and, internationally, Triathlon and IRONMAN: I medalled multiple times in all Triathlon and IRONMAN distances, achieving Silver at the IRONMAN World Championships (Kona, 2013), Gold at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships (Florida, 2010) and Gold in the ITU Triathlon Long Course distance (Spain, 2012). I also coached and co-managed young athletes as part of a Sports Development programme; helping them to understand the demands of their sports and what is required to enable them to compete at all levels from junior to elite. It was particularly rewarding to share my skills and experience of training, nutrition, competition and recovery gained over many years to help inspire and develop others.


Regular massage has always been an essential element of my training and event preparation regimes and has been key in keeping me injury free by ensuring early detection and remediation of developing issues, also giving me confidence that my body has been holistically developed to peak condition in a way that is safe and sustainable. This has helped to develop within me the resilience and sense of well-being that is so important to the mental preparation aspect of high-level performance.

Understanding the strains and stresses that your chosen sport and / or career is placing on your body is a necessary first step towards adopting sound training principles that are designed to keep you injury free, inasmuch as that is ever within your control. This also includes understanding how injuries come about and how to treat them and recover in order to return to full fitness.


I am qualified to BTEC Level 5 (Professional Diploma in Sports and Soft Tissue Therapy) gained through study at the prestigious London School of Massage (LSSM). I have necessary the skills to help treat all types of soft tissue injuries, whether caused as a direct result of a sporting incident or general wear and tear through recreational or occupational activity. I am keen to give people the tools to enable them to realise lifestyle benefits and improve their physical and mental well-being. I am keen to give people the tools to enable them to realise lifestyle benefits and improve their physical and mental well-being.

I am a member of The Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage. I also hold a recognised first aid certificate and am professionally insured.

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