RUN SMARTER is a carefully designed programme to deliver to you all the key components that enable ‘good running form’ so that your body can re-learn to run faster and continue to enjoy your running well into the future safely.

Self-care (injury prevention)

Mechanics (technique)

Awareness (different ways and what the focus areas are conditioning the body before incorporating strength)

Readiness (neuromuscular activation)

Terrain (effects on running mechanics)

Training management (frequency, intensity, duration and its overall impact on the muscles and joints – accumulation )

Efficiency and economy (duration, intensity and technique and their impact on holding ‘good form’

Race preparation (taper, how to fuelling for different distances)

There are many factors that influence the ability to run well. The majority of people’s training tends to focus on the development of the cardiovascular system often at the expense of other important aspects that if not developed tend to cause breakdown in a runner as they try to go longer and/or faster.


Running well is not solely reliant on a strong and well trained cardiovascular system but rather what holds you together over a duration of time holding optimal technique during execution of each of the running phases to allow your body to absorb the stress and load that running bares on the joints and muscles safely. Current life styles for most are actually detrimental to leading an active lifestyle, particularly running since we spend much of the day inactive and running well is so dependent on ‘holding good form’ which is difficult to achieve if the muscles are unable to respond in the correct ways  to avoid injury onset.


Re-educate the body on the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ to be able to activate the muscles efficiently, improve  running technique to hold good form and run faster.


These sessions cater for all abilities regardless of experience and ability. The sessions look at the behind the scenes of what makes up a good runner.


Sessions are 75 -90 mins


Sessions Format:


Full body warm-up

Neuromuscular Activation


Stabilisation/Balance/Proprioception, and 




The behind the scenes all over body conditioning that both your body and mind need in order for you to progress in your sport whilst addressing the essential movement patterns to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments so that they can cope with the demands of stress/load placed upon them. 


These sessions are designed to strengthen the major muscle groups whilst at the same time reducing the risk of common injuries brought about by high volume, frequency and/or intensity.