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Tracy Cook Sports Therapy provides an integration of soft-tissue therapy and acupuncture for all types of muscular skeletal conditions, coaching and self-care to support both injury recovery and injury prevention.


A unique combination enabling Tracy to have a global perspective of the body - how it works, what it needs to restore balance, as well as exercise prescription.


Tracy brings to therapy a holistic approach for all types of soft tissue issues experienced by anyone, not restricted only to sport specific conditions as many people believe.


Tracy's lifelong participation in sport, sport education, relevant qualifications,  and her national and international sporting career as a high performing endurance athlete enables Tracy to understand the intricacies and complexities involved in coaching qualifying her to deliver bespoke training packages that focus on sport specific training, training management and self-care all with the primary aim of optimising performance safely.

Sports and Remedial massage works to relieve muscle tension or chronic pain associated with not only sport-related injuries but also through every-day recreational and occupational activities, including skeletal stresses, muscular overuse and many acute and chronic pain conditions.


Soft tissue therapy uses a range of techniques aimed at alleviating the soft tissue discomfort by manipulating the muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments to bring about a positive change over time. 


Sports Therapy and Remedial Massage focuses on the individual in helping them achieve their goals!


The main focus of therapy is to:

  • Injury assessment

  • Advanced treatment to bring about a positive change in soft tissue

  • Remedial exercise and advice to help return to full fitness

  • Enhance recovery

  • Prevent injury

  • Break down scar tissue

  • Improve posture and function

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